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We service, repair, and install Wood Garage Doors

We love seeing people light up at the sight of a new garage door or gate, so if you’ve been thinking about replacing your old door, or you’re tired of opening and closing one by hand, we’re ready to help. We offer fast garage door and gate installations, providing homeowners and business owners with automatic entry solutions.

Picking the right style of garage door or gate is also important, and if you’re having trouble choosing the right brand or model, our team is happy to help you make your decision. Depending on the size or intended use of your garage door, we’ll recommend the best models and styles always staying within budget. If you have a two- or three-car garage, we can install a new door on each bay, and in various sizes if necessary. We stand behind or entry or security gate solutions and won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied.

We’ve worked with both residential and commercial clients on new garage door and gate installations, so if you need an automatic entry gate for your supply yard or warehouse, we’ll take the proper measurements and install a gate that will stand up to your needs. If your loading dock needs a new overhead door because the old one became damaged or simply won’t work any longer, we’ll provide a free quote on a modern and more efficient door.

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