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  • GoPro Warranty Service Available Monday Through Thursday From 9am – 4pm (Warranty Does Not Cover Contents Of The Garage)
  • Disposal And Mandatory Dump Fee(S) Are Not Included In The Price Of The Garage Door Or Electric Opener
  • GoPro Warranties Do Not Cover Costs For Labor Or Installation Past 30 Days From The Original Service Date.
  • $99.00 Service Call Fee Will Be Applied To All Warranty Calls Made Past 30 Days From The Original Service Date, No Exceptions.
  • GoPro Warranties Do Not Cover Costs Associated With Correction / Change Of The Force Adjustments Of Openers.
  • GoPro Warranties Do Not Cover Misaligned Or Blocked Safety-Eye / Laser Systems.
  • Electronic Opener Installs Do Not Include Light Bulbs Or Led Lighting. Lighting Is Never Warrantied In Any Way By GoPro.
  • GoPro Warranties Do Not Cover Batteries.
  • GoPro Warranties Cover Prices Of The Part(S) Only. Labor To Replace Or Adjust Parts Under Warranty Is Not Covered.
  • Warranty Void If Any Company / Person Other Than, GoPro, Repairs / Attempts To Repair Any GoPro Warranted Item.
  • Invoice Must Be Present To Validate Warranty Service. Warranty Void If Not Present At Time Of Warranty Appointment. (You Cannot Present It After The Fact, No Exceptions).
  • GoPro Warranties Do Not Cover Damage Or Repairs Caused By Forces Of Nature (Rain, Lightning, Ice, Mud Slides, Etc.)
  • GoPro Warranty Policies Are Non-Refundable And Are Nontransferable.
  • Operators Not Installed By GoPro Voids Warranty If They Cause Any Damage. Our Warranties Do Not Cover Operator Error.
  • Our Warranties Require Customers To Stop Use Of Door And Wait For A GoPro Trained / Certified Technician To Diagnose The Problem.
  • Our Warranties Cover Normal Operation Only. We Will Not Cover Damage Due To Objects That Come Into Contact With The Path Of The Door And/Or Motor.
  • GoPro is not responsible for painting or finish work related to the replacement or addition of lumber
  • GoPro is not responsible for clearance issues created by “low headroom track” systems. these types of installs are mandatory in order to install sectional doors in tight spaces without standard clearance.
  • Motor, door & section warranties are processed through the manufacturer.
  • GoPro will not be held liable for pre existing operators that fail during or after being reconnected to the new and/or existing door. there is no way to know in advance how the old motor will respond to the new and/or existing door system.
  • GoPro warranties are void if “concerned” and/or “safety hazard” parts are not replaced per the multi-point inspection conducted at the time of service by a certified GoPro technician.
  • Due to sensitivity to weather, changes to opener adjustments are not covered under warranty.
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for any warranty service. contractor’s warranty expressly excludes damage and/or deficiencies caused by: (i) neglected maintenance, (ii) misuse, (iii) vandalism, or (iv) acts of god. where applicable, manufacturer’s warranty shall apply. warranties will be voided in cases of physical damage, or for accounts over three (3) days past due from date of invoice