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Keep your Garage Doors working for years with Garage Door Maintenance

If you have just average mechanical aptitude you most likely can do your own garage door maintenance if you want. Be sure to understand the difference between maintenance and repair. Use our inspection sheet to work from, and periodically practice basic maintenance on your garage door. However, you can always call us for scheduled maintenance. Realize that there are certain Garage door repairs that need to be left to GoPro Garage Door Repair professional technicians. Know the distinction between maintenance and repair. Whenever you have a Garage door spring or a cable problem be sure to call GoPro Garage Door Repair to safely address this problem. This will avoid a possible major injury to yourself. We have the knowledge, experience and the tools to handle just about every garage door maintenance problem.

Here is a short list of garage door maintenance that you can do on a regular basis to keep your garage door in proper working order:

Exterior maintenance
Exterior maintenance primarily applies to wood garage doors that need to be stained every few years to protect the wood garage door and maintain the nice appearance.

Forcing a lock will usually result in a key breaking off inside the lock cylinder. The simple rule is do not force a key. A graphite-based lock lubricant can be sprayed into the lock and then you can try to gently work it. If you find that the key is turning freely, but the lock is not working properly, you can check the lock bars on the inside for proper alignment.

Lubricate rollers and hinges
Set up your own maintenance schedule as to how often you should lubricate the garage door rollers and hinges. If a garage door is used frequently then you would naturally lubricate more often.

Look for loose bolts
Every time a garage door opens and closes it is putting tension on the bolts holding the Garage door springs. Look for excessive wear and tear as well. Be aware that these bolts are holding the springs under high stress. If there is a question of whether these bolts are in danger of being too loose, you should let a trained GoPro Garage Door Repair technician fix the bolts safely and to assure yourself that they will hold the springs.

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