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Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Garage Door Opener in Tracy, CA?

Almost everything in our homes is subject to the toll of time, and garage door openers are certainly no exception. If you’ve been having a little difficulty lately opening your garage door, or are hearing a painfully loud creaking noise every time you do, you might be asking yourself whether it’s time to replace your Garage Door Opener in Tracy, CA. And we’re here to tell you, you may not always need to. 

As much as we’d like it to be, deciding whether to repair or replace a Garage Door Opener in Tracy, CA isn’t always easy. That’s because it really just depends on your case. If we were to cut to the chase, our final verdict would be that while replacements aren’t nearly always necessary, they’re usually better options in case of old-fashioned machines.

If your machine is still fairly new, repairs are advised. But before we jump to any conclusions, here are some questions you need to ask yourself. 

When Should You Repair Your Garage Door Opener in Tracy, CA?

Whenever we run into some problems with our garage door openers, we’re usually silently wishing that it’s just a minor issue that needs fixing. That’s because finding the budget for a new garage door opener isn’t always possible. And that’s totally fine! 

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, your first resort should be to hire a garage door opener repair service:

  • Your garage door stopped working all of a sudden
  • Your garage door is starting to feel heavy
  • Your garage door is lopsided

Let’s take a look at these in detail. 

Your Garage Door Stopped Working All of a Sudden

You’ve woken up one fine morning only to realize your garage door isn’t working. It’s likely that your initial reaction isn’t to get it replaced and rightly so. An isolated incident indicates that the damage is not beyond repair, and hasn’t been worsening over the years, fortunately. 

Your Garage Door is Starting to Feel Heavy

Garage doors are heavy, that’s exactly why they have springs attached to them to pull them up and down easily. But if your garage door is feeling a little extra heavy, it’s time you replace those worn-out springs. 

Your Garage Door is Lopsided

If you’ve noticed your garage door leaning more towards a particular side when closed half-way, this is because it’s imbalanced and needs new springs. 

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener in Tracy, CA?

Sometimes, your garage door opener can simply be damaged beyond repair. Here’s when a garage door opener replacement will do you good: 

  • Your garage door hasn’t been working properly for a while
  • Your garage door doesn’t have safety sensors
  • You’re hearing unusual sounds

Here’s a detailed breakdown of these: 

Your Garage Door Hasn’t Been Working Properly For a While

If you’ve been neglecting a frequent problem with your garage door, it’s likely that it’s worsened over time. Even seemingly small issues can develop into bigger problems if not addressed immediately.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Have Safety Sensors

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Have Safety Sensors

Some of the older models of garage door openers don’t come with safety sensors, which are crucial for the safety of you and your loved ones. Which is why replacing it with a new one with safety sensors is crucial. It’s also a good idea to replace your garage door openers if they’ve been in use for more than 15 years. Newer models mean better technology and more efficient working. 

You’re Hearing Unusual Sounds 

Grinding noises may have become part of your daily routine, but if you’re hearing noises you haven’t heard before, it’s probably time to replace your garage door opener.

Scraping, screeching and rattling sounds are all telltale signs of a worn out garage door opener and it’s important you get it checked out before the problem gets out of hand.  

GoPro Garage Doors Have Got Your Back

If you’ve been experiencing some problems with your garage door, it might be tempting to jump to opting for a repair. However, that doesn’t always nip the problem in the bud.

If you ask GoPro Garage Doors whether it’s better to repair or replace your Garage Door Opener in Tracy, CA, we’d say it’s best to let us inspect the garage door. After a thorough assessment of your garage door, we’ll be able to help you make a well-informed decision. 

Our garage door repair and replacement services are just what you need. Contact us today for a free quote!