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Why Do The Rollers Keep Coming Out Of My Garage Door in Tracy, CA?

It’s a sunny morning in Tracy, CA. You’re in a hurry, maybe running late for an important meeting, or just trying to get out on a drive. You hit the remote, expecting your garage door to roll up smoothly, but instead, you hear an unpleasant grinding sound. Upon closer inspection, you find out that the rollers have come out of the track. Again.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many homeowners in Tracy have experienced this problem at least once. 

Let’s get into the reasons why rollers might come out of the garage door and how you can prevent it in the future.

Worn-Out Rollers

One of the primary reasons rollers come out is simply due to wear and tear. Like any other machinery or component in your home, rollers don’t last forever. Over time, with constant use, the rollers wear out and may not fit snugly in the tracks, causing them to dislodge.

Misaligned Tracks

The tracks of your garage door guide the rollers. If they’re not aligned correctly, there’s a good chance the rollers won’t stay in place. This misalignment can happen due to several reasons – someone might have bumped into the tracks, the brackets holding them might’ve loosened over time, or the house itself might have settled in a way that threw the tracks out of alignment.

Dirt and Debris

Tracy, CA, with its varied weather, can sometimes lead to dirt, dust, or even small pebbles finding their way into the tracks. These obstructions can push the rollers out of their designated path.

Lack of Lubrication

Just like any machinery, your garage door’s components require proper lubrication for smooth operation. If the rollers aren’t well-lubricated, they can start sticking and eventually pop out of the track.

Poor Installation or Quality

Let’s face it. Not all garage doors are created equal. If you opted for a cheaper installation or lower-quality components, it’s more likely that you’ll face such issues. Quality does matter, especially when it’s about something as frequently used as a garage door.

The Impact of Weather Conditions in Tracy, CA

Weather plays a surprisingly significant role in the health of your garage door system, particularly in places with fluctuating conditions like Tracy, CA.

Temperature Fluctuations

Rapid temperature changes, especially in the transitional seasons, can cause metal components like tracks and rollers to expand and contract. Over time, these repeated changes can lead to misalignment or warping of these components, making it easier for rollers to come off their tracks.

Humidity and Moisture

Tracy’s varied weather can sometimes bring about humid conditions. Humidity, combined with occasional rain, can lead to moisture build-up on your garage door parts. This not only affects the smooth operation of the rollers but can also lead to rusting over time, further reducing the efficiency and lifespan of the rollers.

Dust and Wind

Windy conditions, especially during those dry spells in Tracy, CA, can blow dust and debris into your garage tracks. As we discussed earlier, debris in the tracks can push rollers out, and accumulated dust can create friction, making it harder for the rollers to move smoothly.

What Can You Do?

Regular Maintenance: Just as you’d service your car or your HVAC system, your garage door also needs regular checks. It helps identify potential problems before they become bigger issues.

Clean the Tracks: At least once in a couple of months, ensure that the tracks are free from any obstructions or debris. A simple wipe-down can do wonders.

Lubricate: Make it a habit to lubricate the rollers and other moving parts of the garage door. It ensures a smooth operation and reduces wear and tear.

Professional Inspection: If you’re unsure about the alignment or the quality of your rollers, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion.

Speaking of professionals, if you’re looking for a reliable garage door repair in Tracy, CA, look no further than GoPro Garage Doors. We are renowned for our top-notch services and unmatched expertise. Our team understands garage doors, ensuring you get the best advice and service. Whether it’s replacing worn-out rollers, aligning tracks, or a complete overhaul, GoPro Garage Doors has got you covered.

The Impact of Weather Conditions in Tracy, CA


Garage doors, though often overlooked, play a crucial role in the safety and functionality of our homes. Knowing the reasons why your rollers might be coming out can save you a lot of stress and potential damage in the long run. 

At GoPro Garage Doors, we provide maintenance, installation, replacement, and garage door repair services in Tracy, CA.

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If you ever face issues with your garage door rollers, remember, professionals like GoPro Garage Doors are just a call away.