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Emergencies happen in life and when they do, prompt and appropriate response is essential. When an emergency occurs with your garage door, GoPro is committed to getting there as quickly as possible to set your mind at ease. If your garage door suddenly came down, or there’s been a major malfunction in the motor or gear mechanism, we can provide emergency repairs that make everything good as new.

You may also have an emergency with your automatic entry gate, such as it not opening or swinging shut suddenly. If that’s the case, you can’t even access your driveway, let alone your garage. A GoPro Garage Door technician will arrive promptly to asses the problem, and with the parts in hand, provide the repairs to get your gate open and functioning once more. The same applies to garage door emergencies, after speaking with you, our staff will come prepared to tackle any problem, no matter if it’s day or night.

A garage door or gate emergency can quickly throw a wrench into your day’s plans. If you arrive home from a family vacation late at night, only to find that you can’t park the car in the garage because of a broken door, GoPro is ready to help. We’re available 24/7, and will provide a fast response to your emergency call. It’s important that you never try to repair your garage door yourself, since without the proper training and tools, you could cause further damage to the door or worse, injury to yourself. We’re dedicated to serving our customers whenever they need us, so if you have a garage door or gate emergency, call us right away.

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